Our Story

Take a deep breath and follow us on our journey, which will enrich your body with oxygen, awaken your soul and set your mind free.

The Social Space’s eco-friendly environment is created for those who are constantly seeking growth and new experiences. Become part of a magical journey that never ends.



Music is an universal language that allows you to share deep-rooted emotions and diverse life experiences.

The main communication language of The Social Space is music, through which our resident artists tell thought-provoking stories.


Pale blue dot - this is exactly how our planet is perceived if we look at it from a distance, but if we look closely, we will realize that it is our only home. We believe that Pale Blue Dot is enough to cause our journey in this world to be more useful and rewarding. We think the universal language of music is the best way to spread our mission. For this reason, The Social Space released its first collaborative musical album, Pale Blue Dot, which aims to show humanity from a distant perspective and make us think about our role in this world.

Follow us on a great musical journey.


You are what you eat

You can gain new experiences by trying the various flavours that The Social Space chefs create for you with great care and love.

Our menu is enriched with organic food and inspired by Asian flavour, making your culinary experience even more diverse.

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