The environment created by us, various events and activities, will help you gain peace of mind and discover yourself in a new way.

Farmers Day

"Farmers' Day" is a weekly project initiated by The Social Space, which aims to encourage young farmers and promote family farming traditions. At the same time, we want to create a healthy environment for people and make the guests think about the importance of healthy food because it is very difficult to achieve health without ecologically clean products.

During the event last season, The Social Space hosted a number of successful young farmers to present and sell their products. Our goal for the 2022 season is unchanged and we are again ready to offer The Social Space to all young farmers.


Mixmedia Therapy

Mixed media Therapy is a therapeutic workshop developed by Nita Gabisonia. Nita's daily activities include a love of art - she loves nature, music, and the visual transformation of her imagination the most, which is why she thinks she has found the ideal place. The sessions and experiences gained over the past season have stimulated her to turn the therapeutic process into a great journey of creative discovery.

"Using a free approach, colours, and different materials – this method is a wonderful way to discover your creative talent and the ability to create art using secondary materials at the same time. Mixed media is a pleasure caused by creations, connecting different materials and turning it into one whole project causes the ability to focus and the feeling of calmness“ - says, Nita.

Listen To The Nature

"Listen To The Nature" is a joint project developed by The Social Space and the Black Sea Arena, which, through a unique method of communication between nature and music, once again assures that plants in this world are just as much living beings as we are.

The vibrations generated by the plants are transformed into musical sounds with the help of a special device and are transmitted to us. Such interaction even assures us that plants experience and communicate with us in exactly the same way we, humans do.

The project turned out to be especially interesting for the children, as it not only was fun but also educational since this way the children learned about the need to take care of the planet. Based on this great feedback, the eco-project "Listen to Nature" will be held in The Social Space this year as well, and you will still be able to hear the emotions of the plants.