Our goal was not just to create a beautiful space – for us what’s more important is that everything we create is in complete harmony with the natural environment. As we were creating The Social Space, we used natural, organic and recycled materials to avoid harming nature.

Coworking Space

In an informal setting, working close to nature makes the work process more enjoyable. It awakens fantasies and makes room for new ideas.

Working from The Social Space, where you can breathe eucalyptus-derived oxygen and hear birds chirping nearby in the woods, feels more like a relaxation than work.


One of the parts of The Social Space is the forest library. Here anyone can borrow, exchange, or simply bring the read book from home and add it to the library. By sharing the book it is possible to save a lot of wood and other valuable natural resources. What is especially important is that, by exchanging books, everyone will have the opportunity to travel completely free with the characters and stories of different authors.

Concept Store

It is important for The Social Space to maintain a zero-loss policy. Our goal is to create high-quality eco-friendly and socially beneficial products that will change society and our planet for the better. As a result, the concept store in the space presents eco and socially useful products created by Georgian designers, which are made with little or no environmental impact.

Space for Pets

The Social Space is unimaginable without our four-legged companions because connecting with them helps us get to know ourselves better. That's why we tried to create a friendly environment for our doggos at The Social Space to make your journey with them more comfortable.

Bring your four-legged friend with you and let's share the experience of caring for each other.