The music, chosen by the resident artists of The Social Space with special care for you, enhances your journey at the Space even more and makes it more unique. 

David Ghvaberidze/ Stimmhalt

“After my first journey at The Social Space, I realized that, this is a particularly magical environment in which you completely immerse yourself, it completely surrounds you and pushes you to adapt your rhythms to this environment" - Davit Gvaberidze is a Georgian artist, who is already well known to listeners by his stage name - Stimmhalt

During his 16-year musical journey, he has repeatedly played on the stage of local and foreign electronic festivals. Among them there are such big names as Burning Man, Decibel Festival, Seattle Hempfest, Lost Paradise, Peace & Love, Echowaves... The artist's studio recordings are quite impressive, one of which – “Dreams“, was released in 2017, by Damian Lazarus’s (also known as the Wizard of House Music) label - Crosstown Rebel. Stimmhalts, work is always at the top of the Beatport charts.

The scale of the artist is not determined by a specific genre, and in parallel with the achieved success, he is constantly searching for new sounds. It was this search that led him to Organic House, which he says is the innovation that electronic music has been missing. With this sound, he became a resident artist at The Social Space, where he will share his favorite music with us during the summer of 2023.

As he says, The Social Space for him is associated with freedom and closeness to nature - and the synthesis of these two brings a particularly harmonious result in music.


Irakli Chanturia is another resident artist of The Social Space, known for our Journeyers as Maruru - a stage name specially created for our space, who is interested not only in the physical dimension of music but as well as the emotional one. As he points out, manipulating the sound system and experimenting with new sounds or tones is the most interesting component of being a DJ for him, because improvising and creating something new and unique always brings the new energy that everyone there experiences.

Being a resident of The Social Space turned out to be an interesting experience for Irakli, as he has the opportunity to constantly offer new and interesting music to the listener at The Social Space. He claims that, the atmosphere of Space has the power that can bring you on its wave.

He contributes a great amount to the creation of this atmosphere, because the music through which Irakli communicates with the listener will always be a part of The Social Space journey.

Sandro Tchanturia / Soilance

Sandro Chanturia’s listeners are already familiar with Bcoz and Pleasure hunters, but at The Social Space his work can be experienced and learned even more personally and close when Sandro offered us a new stage set under the pseudonym Soilancemusic created specifically for our space.

As Sandro points out, interacting daily with listeners and constantly offering them new music was a big challenge for him, however with the right mood and concentration, it all became easy. "I like to combine infinite combinations and frequencies in playing music the most. Being a resident of a social space has improved my ability to perceive the surroinding environment.

I believe the artist should adapt the music to all environments and blend the sounds in harmony with the environment, ” says Sandro.