Our Story

According to the legend, the location where The Social Space is now located once was a seashore, where Mediterranean travellers gathered and told stories heard during the journey through the waves of the sea. This is how knowledge was gathered, which then was shared among people over the years and passed down from generation to generation.

In order to maintain and continue this tradition, The Social Space was created, with the mission to unite people with one common goal, which is to share knowledge and experience with the environment and to care for one another.


Inspired by the coexistence between nature and people, The Social Space is located in the Musicians Park. After walking through the Eucalyptus field and visiting the statues of various artists, you will find yourself in the magical environment of Space, which once again underlines the harmonious coexistence of people and nature.

Just 400 meters from The Social Space is the Shekvetili seashore, one of the most distinctive coastlines on the Black Sea coast with pine trees and magnetic sand.


Colchis forests and wetlands will definitely surprise you not only with their beauty but also with their importance. Their uniqueness has led to the fact that today these areas are included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List.

Colchis Lowland is well-known for its references to the myth of the Golden Fleece, to which many famous authors have dedicated plays or other literary works. In the diverse ecosystem of the region, you will also come across Paliastomi Lake, which is known for its legends. You will get acquainted with the diverse nature of Colchis and Mtirala National Park, the unique flora and fauna of the Dendrological Park. Explore the Tsvermagala and Miniature Park…

Get inspired by never-ending discoveries.